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Precision Exams by YouScience - Proctor Agreement

By accessing the Precision Exams by YouScience Certification system you accept the terms of the Proctor Agreement

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Thank you for serving as a proctor and administrator using the YouScience Certification software services. Proctors serve a special and important role in the testing process. In the role of Proctor and/or Program Administrator, you are responsible for testing at your location(s) and for each certification candidate/student you authorize to test. We want you and the certification candidates/students to have the best experience possible. If any issues arise during the testing process, contact YouScience support services for assistance.


By accessing the YouScience Certification software services and administering any exam you agree to strictly abide by the terms of this agreement.  If you cannot agree to the terms of this agreement, do not access or immediately logout of the YouScience Certification software services.  The term of this Agreement shall remain in effect until YouScience terminates the agreement by written notice.  Note: For security reasons, all your actions within the YouScience Certification software services may be tracked and recorded.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, industry-recognized certifications that reliably reflect an individual’s skills and knowledge. To maintain the validity of the certification exams, proctors, administrators, and teachers or instructors are NOT authorized for any reason to use or create a certification candidate/student account to access the exam platform or certification exam content.


  • You understand and agree that all content accessed through YouScience Certification software services is proprietary, copyrighted, and considered strictly confidential information. Access to said software services is restricted to those individuals authorized by YouScience and the organization that contracted the software services.
  • You understand and agree that under federal copyright law it is illegal to copy, reproduce, record, display or distribute any provided content without express written permission from YouScience; and that, copyright infringement can result in criminal penalties, including imprisonment of up to five years and fines of up to $250,000 per offense.
  • You shall not, nor allow any other person or entity, to copy, reproduce, record, display or distribute any images of the YouScience Certification system or any content provided in or through the YouScience Certification system in any manner.
  • You shall not create or use a student account to access exam content.
  • You shall not allow any other person to use your login to access the YouScience system, and if you are an administrator, you shall only allow other authorized proctors or administrators to access the YouScience Certification software services and/or administer assessments. 
  • You understand and agree that YouScience may verify any proctor's identity, require additional proof of eligibility, or deny access to a particular proctor.
  • You agree to safeguard access to all personal information accessed or received through the YouScience systems, including IDs, usernames and passwords issued to proctors, administrators, and test candidates/students, assessment information, reports, and candidate results, and if needed, you agree to keep printed copies of the same in a secure and locked location and to not allow access to said copies to any unauthorized person.
  • You shall not directly or indirectly disclose any assessment information except as required to administer the assessments.
  • You shall immediately confiscate any testing related material from individuals found cheating or copying, in any manner, any assessment material or YouScience system information; and, you shall immediately report any such improper behavior to appropriate local authorities and to YouScience, at 801-653-9356 or support@youscience.com.


  • You shall verify the identity of each certification candidate/student and ensure that only eligible candidates/students are authorized to take the exam.
  • You shall read test administration training material and proactively seek any additional training needed prior to proctoring an assessment.
  • You shall ensure that the proper exam code is given to the correct candidates/students.
  • You or a substitute proctor shall at all times be physically present with and in view of all assessment candidates/students that you have authorized to test; and, you shall observe candidates’ actions by moving about the testing area checking for any improper behavior, including accessing unauthorized computer programs before, during or after testing. If you are unable to be physically present, you shall utilize the YouScience provided remote proctoring service established by YouScience for all students testing in alternate locations.
  • You shall enforce the following testing rules and procedures:
    • Certification candidates/students must leave all preparation materials and personal effects (including but not limited to, notes, textbooks, electronic devices, phones, calculators, purses, and translation devices) outside of the testing area, unless specifically noted or authorized by YouScience.
    • Before beginning the testing process, all Web browsers must be closed and restarted.
    • Certification candidates/students may NOT access any unauthorized computer programs before, during or after the testing session, including other browsers or browser tabs.
    • Certification candidates or students shall NOT supervise other candidates/students in any aspect of the testing process.
    • Talking by certification candidates/students is not permitted during the testing process. The testing environment should be maintained as a quiet and respectful environment for all certification candidates/students.
    • No assistance may be provided to certification candidates/students regarding any exam content.
    • Certification candidates/students may NOT leave the room during the testing process, except in required circumstances; if the proctor determines there is a required circumstance, the proctor must ensure the candidate/student does not take any testing or preparation material with them; candidates/students should not be allowed to leave together with other candidates/students until those individuals are finished with the testing process.
    • Only candidates/students with a declared and properly authorized need in an IEP, IRP, 504, LEP, and ELL document may request special accommodations from YouScience – email or call to request special accommodations: support@youscience.com or 801-653-9356.
    • Candidates/students may NOT immediately re-take an assessment. If an assessment re-take is needed, contact YouScience for specific policies and procedures.


  • You shall provide a testing environment that meets all YouScience system requirements.
  • You shall provide a testing environment that is quiet and distraction free, functional for all candidates/students, and meets local safety, health, and accessibility standards.
  • You shall provide each candidate/student equal and fair treatment.
  • You shall utilize the YouScience provided remote proctoring service established by YouScience for all students testing in alternate locations.



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