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An update on YouScience and SCOIR

YouScience has been a core part of the SCOIR offering for the last three years. During this time, our collective customers have found value in the collaboration. However, it recently became clear that though we both want what is best for students, we need to serve them in different ways. Effective June 30, 2023, YouScience will no longer be offered through SCOIR but will continue to be available for all institutions and students.

We understand this has the potential to be disruptive, so we've made every effort to make the path to converting to YouScience as easy as possible, including offering SSO options through external providers. We have a dedicated team standing by to help you get started and answer your questions. Please review our FAQs below for additional information and stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you for using YouScience to help you students. Like you, we are committed to helping them by continuing to offer the best-in-class solutions for career exploration.

Frequently asked questions

Is YouScience still available for SCOIR customers?

Absolutely. Our customers have found tremendous value in using YouScience as part of their student success programs, and we want to continue to serve you as we do more than 7,000 other educational institutions. You will have access to YouScience through the end of this school year. We can work with you now to begin the process of converting your account for the 2023–2024 academic year. Please call (801) 653-9356 or email

How long will students have access to their YouScience account?

Students will continue to have access to their YouScience account for 10 years following graduation. 

I have questions about the process for logging in, adding and removing students or admins, and accessing results. What should I do?

We have a world-class customer support team who is ready to help you. Please call us at (800) 470-1215 or email

Can I add new students now and for how long?

As of Dec. 29, 2022, if your school/district has not already created a YouScience account through SCOIR, you will need to visit to create a username and password.