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How do I Know what Type of Assessment to Give?

Precision Exams offers three different types of assessments: Single Assessment, Pre-Assessment and Post Assessments.

Single Assessment:

If you are looking for an end-of-course or end-of-program assessment not associated with a pre-assessment exam code, you will want to administer a single assessment. Use anytime as a stand-alone assessment (i.e. exam retake). This type of assessment will NOT provide student growth measurement but will provide passing students with a certification.

Pre- Assessment:

If you are looking for an exam to administer at the beginning of your course, as a way to benchmark where your students sit for certification, you’ll want to administer a pre-assessment. Pre-assessments provide a starting point for student growth measurement when given with a post assessment at the end of the course. Pre-assessments will NOT provide a certificate after completion of the assessment.

Post Assessment:

If you are looking for an assessment to administer at the end of the course to connect with a pre-assessment, you’ll want to administer a post assessment. Post-assessments can only be administered after a pre-assessment. In other words, you can’t give a post-assessment without first giving a pre-assessment. Post-assessments followed after pre-assessments help to connect the appropriate group to provide student growth data and passing students with a certification.


  • Multiple Post-Assessments can be delivered under the same Pre-assessment. However, you will need to create a new exam code for Post-Assessment retakes.
  • Our Summary Suite Report will provide you with the most recent Pre/Post assessment data, as well as student growth measurements and additional post-assessment results.

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