We’re excited to announce that YouScience and Precision Exams are now one!

Precision Exams offers industry-recognized certifications, allowing students to demonstrate their learned skills and knowledge for in-demand careers. Our certifications are built by subject-matter experts in education and industry and give students relevant scenarios to the real-world needs of employers. Together, we’re connecting students to careers, and employers to qualified talent.

By combining revolutionary career guidance from YouScience with Precision Exams industry-recognized certifications, students are empowered to uncover their natural talent, validate their skills and knowledge, and pursue their best-fit educational pathways


With performance measures of aptitudes, the YouScience Profile uncovers students' natural talents and aligns them with their best-fit pathways and careers. Students can explore their aptitudes, review personalized career matches, and develop affirming language to better highlight their assets. YouScience Analytics gives educators valuable data for better career guidance.

Precision Exams

Precision Exams provides students the ability to demonstrate their skills and knowledge - signaling credentialed, actionable talent for local employers.

The industry-recognized certifications allow students to validate what they are learning in the classroom. Within the certification platform, educators have access to robust reports that help gauge student progress and promote program improvement.

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