Certifications - Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring - Student Instructions

This guide is to help you have the easiest and best experience while completing your CTE course certification. Please follow all instructions closely.

Download a .PDF copy of the Remote Proctoring - Student Instructions HERE


Preferred browser: Google Chrome

Go to: https://cloudesign.io/guest

Enter the login information requested and click “Submit”.

Ready to take your exam?

Before you begin, please review the following information:

  • Turn off your camera if you are connected to any other communications (i.e. Zoom, Teams, etc.)
  • No notes, textbooks, websites, or other devices may be used.
  • Certification Exams must be completed in a single sitting.
  • You will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam. However, if you finish before the time has expired you may submit your exam to be scored.
Once you have reviewed these instructions, click the black button “Take Exam”.

Lobby and Camera Check:

Please assure that your camera is now on and you can see yourself.

Review the guidelines on your screen.

Click the green “Start Exam” button to continue.

Start Exam:

Here you will be redirected to the certification exam platform. You may need to adjust your screen size:

Zoom In: ctrl + (MAC: ⌘ +)

Zoom Out: ctrl - (MAC: ⌘  -)

You will need to complete the STUDENT LOGIN page:

    • Student ID (School or District ID)
    • State
    • School District
    • Exam Code (provided by your teacher)

Click the blue “Begin Exam” button

If you receive the following error: Invalid login information. Please, try again, you may need to register. Click the REGISTER button at the bottom of the screen to complete your student registration. Return and complete the STUDENT LOGIN again.

Student Authorization:

Once you complete the STUDENT LOGIN, you will be placed in the queue “Waiting for Authorization”. Your teacher will need to authorize your exam before you will be able to click on the “BEGIN EXAM” button at the bottom of the screen.

You will be able to expand the testing window (drag at the top left) once you begin the exam. If you have any questions, please ask your teacher to contact our support team.

Submit & End Exam:

When you have completed your exam click the blue “Submit Test” button and confirm that you are finished with the exam.

On the EXAM COMPLETED page you will see Your Score, Point Possible, and Percent correct.

You can enter your email to receive a Student Score Report (individual breakdown of the percent of correct responses per standard). Please allow up to 24 hours for this report to arrive in your email inbox. 

Click the blue “Close Exam” button to exit the exam platform.

Finalize your remote proctoring session by clicking the green “End Exam” button just below your Video.




Additional Resources for Remote Proctoring

For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356, Toll-Free 800-470-1215