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Conducting Mock Interviews (HS Lesson)

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Objective: To help students get used to answering questions about themselves, especially in ways that highlight their abilities and personal approach characteristics. 

Materials Needed: YouScience Results, Computer/Tablet or paper & pencil

Lesson: At some point in the near future, your students will need to be prepared to interview for jobs and other opportunities. It’s important that they have the professional language needed to eloquently answer difficult interview questions. Setting up “mock” interviews can be helpful to get students to start thinking about the questions they need to be prepared for and how they can use their results from YouScience to adequately communicate their talents. Ask students to choose a career from their YouScience Career Matches, and then conduct a mock interview where you pretend to interview the student for that specific job. 


Sample interview questions/prompts: 

  • Tell me a little bit about yourself. 
  • Educate me about your time management skills and time-frame orientation. 
  • Tell me about how you approach your work. 
  • What are your greatest strengths? 
  • Why are you well suited for this position?
  • Tell me about your problem solving abilities. 
  • What is your interpersonal style and how will that make you successful in this role?


*Another option is to have students mock interview each other for practice. Provide feedback to students as necessary. 


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