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Cut Score / Passing Percentage

What is the cut score for the exams I've created and where can I find them?

What is the cut score for my exam?

Once set, the passing score (i.e., cut-score) for Precision Exams’ certification exams remains in effect for the life of that exam form. Passing scores range between 60% – 80% and depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Test volumes,
  • Item exposure,
  • Life-cycle for each assessment form, and
  • Annual review and psychometric analysis

In such cases where assessment security and/or integrity are compromised, it may be replaced with a different but equivalent “form” of an assessment that measures the same concept. By way of developing different forms of the same assessment, the passing standard does not change; the original standard always remains in effect. It is the passing score for a particular assessment “form” that varies. Naturally, since the content of the items will differ between assessment forms, a different but equivalent passing score is applied.

For these and other reasons, passing scores are subject to change from time to time and may change without notice.

How can I find the Passing Percentage?

The exam Passing Percent is available at two different locations within the platform.

1. When creating an exam code and selecting the exam name you will be presented with the Exam Number, Certificate Availability, Number of Questions, Max Points, and Passing Percentage.

Cut Score 01 - 102019


2. Within the individual exam code proctor screen once a student submits their exam to be scored. (See example below, you may need to click Refresh first) This box will contain the Passing Percent as well as the Max Points and Passing Points. NOTE: Passing Percent will not be shown with a pre-assessment as there is not a certificate opportunity available with the pre-assessment.

Cut Score

The student's Score and Percent Correct will be shown within his/her individual row.


Passing Points: The number of points a student must get correct in order to earn a certificate*.

(Max points X passing percent = passing points)

Passing Percent: The percentage of correct responses needed to earn a certificate*.

*Certificates are only available for single and post-assessments. pre-assessments do not include certificates.

Score: Number of points the student earned out of the Max Points.

Percent Correct: Percentage of correct responses.

(Score divided by max points = percent correct)



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