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Diving Deeper - Researching a Career Cluster (MS Lesson)

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Diving Deeper - Researching a Career Cluster (Middle School Career Exploration)


Objective: As students begin to dive deeper into their career cluster matches, they will likely find a few industries they are interested in and want to explore and research further. This exploration will help middle school students choose their classes in high school based on future career plans. 

Materials Needed: YouScience Snapshot Results, Computer/tablet, Paper/pencil

Lesson: Ask students to pull up their Snapshot results and click on the Careers tab at the top of the screen. Have students explore their top fit career clusters by both aptitude (what they’d be good at) and interest (what they love today). If they haven’t already, all students should save at least 3 careers they are interested in (we recommend at least one of them should be from one of their strong fit career clusters). Students will need to narrow down these options to one specific career cluster to explore in more detail. 


Student Project: Students will put together a slide deck (in PowerPoint format or otherwise) about the research they’ve conducted on the career cluster of their choosing. Slide topics to include: 


  • WHY they are interested in pursuing this specific cluster 
  • The types of careers included in the cluster, with a few examples of specific careers
  • Educational investment required (including both high school education and post-secondary requirements) *students may need guidance from a teacher or counselor for this one
  • A summary of that career cluster and the typical responsibilities/duties of employees that fill those jobs (ex. What do they work on daily? What goals are they trying to achieve? What kind of environment do they work in?)
  • Aptitude Fit: Students should list at least 2 aptitudes that they will be able to use/leverage to their advantage in this career field
  • Interest Fit: Students should list at least 2 interests that contribute to why they want to work in this industry
  • Tentative plan for post-secondary education (if student is pursuing post-secondary ed)


If students are comfortable, ask them to present their projects to the class. Presentations will help generate more discussion and exploration around careers. 



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