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How do I Troubleshoot Exam Platform Errors?

Sometimes errors happen in the platform - from screens not showing images, to students being kicked out of exams by the internet. Below are our best troubleshooting tips.

Common Errors:

  • Welcome screen will not populate "Authorized" and student can't begin exam even though they've been authorized
  • Student unable to see questions, images, or answer selections
  • Student's exam has closed before they were done
  • Internet kicked student out of exam

You can always have your student refresh their screen (CTRL R) but you may also need to clear the cache and cookies on their computer. To clear the cache and cookies see below:

troubleshoot 2-1

Google Chrome on a PC:

1. On your keyboard push Ctrl+Shift+Delete in that order. This will open a new tab and bring up the following pop-up

2. Make sure the "Time Range" is listed as "All time" or "Everything" and then click "Clear data" at the bottom




Google Chrome on a Chrome Book:

troubleshoot 3


1. In the upper right hand corner of your browser you will locate three dots.

troubleshoot 4-1



2. This will open the menu, click "Settings."







3. This will open a new tab. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and click "Advanced." You'll see an expanded settings menu. Once expanded, locate the "Clear Browsing Data" menu and click it.

troubleshoot 5

4. This will bring up a pop-up. Make sure the "Time Range" is listed as "All time" or "Everything" and then click "Clear data" at the bottom.

troubleshoot 2-1


Safari on an Ipad:

troubleshoot 6-1


1. Locate and open the settings app from the home screen. Scroll down and select "Safari" from the left side menu and then locate "Clear History and Website Data" on the right side menu.

troubleshoot 7




2. Click "Clear History and Website Data." This will bring up a pop-up asking if you're sure you want to clear it, select "Clear."



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