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Is there a way to Have the Exam Read to My Students?

Having a human reader is one of the best options for those students with accommodations who require assistance.

Our exams offer a large variety of question types to help keep students engaged and actively thinking throughout the exam. Because we use images with our questions, some of the online readers are not able to interpret all of the questions completely. Below is a list of third-party digital reading options that we can recommend. However, these require navigation to a separate browser tab. Offering this option runs the risk of navigation away from the actual exam platform and would require extra eyes to avoid cheating.

Our overall recommendation would be to provide a human reader whenever possible. This individual must be a registered proctor and have a current Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on file with YouScience. They may assist multiple students at one time if randomization of the exam questions is turned off. They will need to contact our Customer Support Team, 801-653-9356, at the time of exam administration.

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