Career Guidance - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is YouScience?

As a parent, how can I access my child's results?

How is YouScience different from other assessments?

I didn’t learn anything new from my YouScience Profile.

I don’t think I did my best. Can I take the test over again?

I want to be a doctor, and it’s not in My Careers. Why should I believe my results?

How does YouScience find a match between my Aptitudes and Careers?

If my Aptitudes are higher than required, why isn’t a job a Strong Fit?

What if all my Aptitudes are midpoints?

If I work really hard can I improve an Aptitude?

I’m a Fair Fit for a Career, is this something I really can’t do?

How should I think about Fit between my Aptitudes & Career Aptitudes?

Are Aptitudes different than Intelligence?

Are Aptitudes different than Skills?

Are Aptitudes different than Personality Traits?

Why is it important not to cheat?

What is the difference between Aptitudes and Interests?



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