Frequently Asked Questions

How is YouScience different from other assessments?

The YouScience Profile is NOT a self-report measure like many current assessments. These other assessments make you do the work by asking directly “How interested are you in teaching/business/interior design/science”. These assessments can only tell you what you already know about yourself. Often the reason you take an assessment is because you don’t know what you want and need new information and insights. Self-reports are subjective, and your current mood and attitude can affect how you respond to these assessments. If you just had a really great day at work, you might respond to questions about how much you enjoy working in your field differently than you would if you just had a really bad day.

YouScience gets past what you already know about yourself and gets under the hood to identify your natural strengths and underlying potential.

The YouScience Profile uses engaging exercises, (or ‘brain games’ as some students call them), to deliver real data about students' aptitudes or natural abilities that are set around age 15 and remain stable throughout their lifetime. Our exercises are based on over 90 years of research behind the science of aptitudes. We then combine that aptitude information with their passions to show them where they are most likely to find satisfaction in education and their career.

YouScience uses a proprietary algorithm to match student’s aptitudes and interests with over 500 careers and many more supporting educational paths. The student’s unique personal aptitude profile is shown in tandem with the aptitude profile for that career, so they can learn about their fit with that choice, and about themselves. The YouScience Profile can be accessed from any computer, smart phone, or tablet, making it a resource that is available anywhere, anytime. Available for 10 years, YouScience is a consistent personal and career development resource that goes with them as they embark on their journey to a fulfilling career.


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