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How should I think about Fit between my Aptitudes & Career Aptitudes?

FIT is the name of the game. You’ll be happiest when you are matched with the aptitude level that is required by the job. If your aptitude level is lower, that’s not an ideal fit. Same if your aptitude level is higher. Let’s think about what this might mean.

Let’s say you have a job as a copy editor, and you have to proofread writing all day long. This job is easiest for those who are Visual Scanners when it comes to Visual Comparison Speed. Let’s say you’re a Fact Checker. You can definitely still do the job, but it may take you longer than others, and you might feel stressed by having to constantly work and focus harder to do your job.

Now let’s consider your aptitude for Sequential Reasoning. In your job as a copy editor, you are given instruction manuals to proofread. As you are proofreading, it becomes obvious to you as a Sequential Thinker that these instructions are not sequenced in the best way. However, it’s not in your job description to suggest a better order. Wouldn’t that be frustrating? You have the aptitude, but your position does not require you use this strength of yours. This is why having a higher level of an aptitude also means that the career isn’t an ideal fit for you.

While you can definitely work around your fit to do a career you love, being at a lower level might leave you stressed, and being at a higher level might leave you frustrated. Aim for the sweet spot for maximum enjoyment.


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