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How to: Create a New Group in the Admin Portal (IEC)

  1.  Log into your YouScience account and click "Admin Dashboard".
  2. Click on the green “Create New Group” button located in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Fill in “Group Name”. This is the internal name you create to help keep your students organized. (Example:  Class of 2025)
  4. Fill in “Optional Public Group Name”.  Here you will type in your business or school name.  This is optional, but is helpful, especially if you will be emailing invitations out.
  5. Scrolling down, you will want to double check the group settings.
  6. If you do not want students to have access to results until you are able to view them, select “Results Hold”.
  7. If you do not want the student results held, select “Do Not Hold Results”.
  8.  Once you have verified your settings you will see the question “Are You Ready to Create Your New Group?”
  9. Select “YES”
  10. You will see the new group you just created active, and ready to use under “Manage Groups”.

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