How to: Create a New Group in the Admin Portal (IEC)

1. Make sure you have selected the "Home" tab at the top of your screen.

2. Click on Create New Group in the top right corner (in green).

3. Fill in the group names; remember Group Name is the internal name for you to help keep your clients organized, but Optional Public Group name is a great place to type in your business or school name (especially if you will be emailing invitations).

4. Decide how many profiles you would like to add to this group. You then will type that number in the box and click Add in green.

5. Decide which gates, if any, you’d like to place on these profiles. Remember that this is the only group setting that cannot be changed.

6. Be sure to click Create New Group at the very bottom of the screen to save your work.


Video Instructions: 

HubSpot Video


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