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How to: Download PDF Reports for a Student (IEC)

  1. Log into your YouScience account and go to your Admin Dashboard.
  2. If you have more than one organization, be sure to click the account
    you want to be in. You will find your organizations listed in the top left
    corner of your screen.
  3. Pull up the student’s account.
  4. Select “Results Summary” in blue. This will download a PDF
    Aptitude Summary for the student.
  5. Select “Discussion Guide” in blue. This will download a PDF report of
    the student's Describing You Results.

To find the student you want to print a PDF Report for, there are two ways
of doing it:

Option 1:

If you know the specific student you would like to download reports for, you
can search for them by typing their first and last name in the “Search
Student Profile” box in the top right corner of your page.

Option 2:

Select “Manage Groups”
Select “View Group” in green for the group you would like to view.
Select the “Results Ready” tab to see all of the students who have
completed YouScience.
Select Students Name you are needing the PDF for. This will pull up their
specific account.


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