Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be a doctor, and it’s not in My Careers. Why should I believe my results?

So you want to be a doctor. Great! Maybe your mother is a doctor, maybe you love watching medical dramas on TV, maybe it’s just something you’ve always known. What YouScience does is takes the tasks that different careers need to do day-in and day-out to be successful, and aligns them with your own personal strengths. It might be the case that the fit between your strengths and being a doctor aren’t the best fit, only because there are other options out there. Maybe there are a bunch of other careers out there that play on your natural strengths that you might not have ever heard of. And who knows, once you learn about them, you might love them!

We’re not saying you shouldn’t be a doctor (not at all!). We’re just arming you with knowledge about yourself and your alignment with different jobs, so that you can make a well-informed choice about your life. Look at your fit between your aptitudes and those for a doctor – what can you learn from the places where you aren’t highly aligned? What could you do to work around some of the areas that aren’t highly aligned? What do you like about the idea of being a doctor? Could you see any of those ideas within the other careers as well? What are some of the other strong fit careers? YouScience is about self-discovery – go explore!

Remember that being a doctor is only one career within the broad category of Healthcare. Perhaps there are other careers within healthcare where you’d be successful. Maybe you’d make a great radiologist, or medical and health services manager, or medical and clinical laboratory technician. There are many different ways one can contribute professionally to a field of practice.

Remember, the YouScience Profile is not telling you you have to do any of these careers – it’s just saying you can do some of these.



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