Frequently Asked Questions

If my Aptitudes are higher than required, why isn’t a job a Strong Fit?

The job that is the perfect fit for you is one where you match up closely to the aptitudes required. If your aptitudes are higher than what is required of the career, you will often find yourself bored and restless. Or the high aptitude may be the opposite of what the job needs. The Personal Approach and Core Driver aptitudes are important aspects of who you are. If you are in a job that does not take advantage of those aptitudes you will not be exercising some of your key innate ‘muscles.’ For example, if you are a ‘Brainstormer’ and in a career such as Accounting that is steeped in rules and protocol, you would likely become frustrated because the satisfaction of infusing new ideas into your work can actually be counter-productive in that position. If you have high core driver aptitudes, it is especially important that you use them in your career. If you do not, they’ll find other ways to peak out, perhaps through hobbies or other activities. However, you might as well maximize your career success by using your high aptitudes to shine!


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