Implementation Planning

Implementation Checklist for Ambassadors

Use this checklist to prepare for your YouScience implementation.

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Prepare yourself and your teams

  • Accept the invitation from YouScience to be your school’s admin — check your junk/spam folder if needed.
  • Take the YouScience brain games yourself and explore your results.
  • Invite involved faculty and staff to the YouScience Discovery solution to let them take their own brain games and manage groups. There are 3 different options to do this:
    • Group manager access lets staff invite new students and manage accounts to one or more specified group(s) on your school's account.
    • Account admin access lets staff create groups, add other admin/manager users, invite new students, and manage accounts for all groups on the school's account.
    • Brain games only — no administrative access:
      • If you have an educator in your building who wants to try the brain games but doesn’t need to manage student accounts, send them to for a free account.

Prepare your students

  • Ensure students taking YouScience have valid email addresses.
  • Create new groups and bulk invite students. There are two ways to
    create student groups:
  • Invite students to take YouScience — Once you have created groups, choose how you plan to get students started. Follow one of the steps below:

Implement YouScience Discovery

  • Have students watch the introduction to YouScience video: 15–20 minutes and review kick-off materials.
  • Have students take the brain games: 60 minutes for Snapshot, 90 minutes for Summit.
    • It’s not recommended to take these in one sitting. Students can log in and out between each exercise to accommodate any time period.
  • Walk-through results with your students: 20–30 minutes.


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