Implementation Planning

Implementation Checklist for Instructors

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Implementation Checklist for Instructors


Day Before Implementation

  • Download YS First Day of Testing PowerPoint onto your computer and review
  • Download YS Second_Final Day of Testing PowerPoint onto your computer and review
  • Make sure you have activation codes (one per student) or have already sent email invitations to students
    • Gather pens/pencils and paper (students need it for the Numerical Reasoning assessment)
  • Confirm computers available to students during assessment and that students have valid email addresses


Day 1 of Implementation

  • Show YS First Day of Testing PowerPoint
    • Make sure each student has a piece of paper & pen/pencil  
  • Pass out activation codes to students (not needed again after activation) or direct students to email invitations


Day 2 of Implementation

  • Show YS Second_Final Day of Testing PowerPoint

If they receive a message saying their login information is invalid, they have entered an incorrect email address and/or password. Please try again.



  • There is a chat tool available to students if they have questions or difficulty logging in
  • Do not give out more than one activation code per student
  • In the “Idea Generation” assessment, students cannot move to the next assessment until time expires. You may have some students who finish with time to spare. Simply tell them to use that time as a short break and to not distract their neighbors.
  • Do not have students be in the middle of an exercise when the bell rings. Give 10- and 5- minute warnings, and tell your students not to begin a new exercise if it will take longer than the amount of time they have left.
  • Make sure students LOG OUT of their account prior to shutting down their computer or closing the browser. If they do not, the computer will remember them as the user and the next student will immediately be in that student’s account.  You do not want students completing each others’ assessments.
  • If a student forgets their password, click on the “Forgot your password” link to answer questions and reset it themselves. The YouScience Group Manager or Admin also has the ability to reset the student’s password. If those options do not work, have them chat in for assistance.
  • On Day 2, if students finish the CORE assessment with time remaining in class, they may begin the Amplifier Assessments so they are not distracting their peers.


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