Certifications - Getting Started

How do I Find which Exam is Best for My Course?

With over 200 certification exams, it's important to identify which exam best aligns to your course curriculum. Our Knowledge Standards are available online. Using these blueprints, you'll be able to prepare your students for each exam.

Follow these steps to access those related to your courses.

1. Go to www.precisionexams.com

2. At the top of the page, click on EXAMS

3. Choose the Career Cluster that aligns with your course

4. Scroll down to Exams and click on the exam(s) you will be using. You will be able to save and print as a .pdf


To download a copy of our certification exam brochure, Click Here

You may also access the Knowledge Standards under the Exam List tab on your Precision Exams state site.

Go to your state landing page: www.precisionexams.com/login or www.precisionexams.com/statename (i.e. www.precisionexams.com/california)

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