LAPSEN / NECI-911: How to Register as a Proctor

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Follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to: and select the
    or go directly to
  2. Select Proctor > Registration

  3. Enter the required information and click NEXT

    Proctor Reg 001 - 092019

    NOTE: If you are registering to proctor for an:

    - Explorer Post

    - Law Enforcement Youth Program

    - Public Safety Cadets

    You will need to select LAPSEN as your District.

    Proctor Reg 002-1

    If you are a new user, our proctor registration requires a double authentication. You will need to provide contact information for one of your administrators or directors to complete this step.


    Step 2 of 4: Read and accept the electronic Proctor Agreement form and click NEXT

    Proctor Reg 003

    Step 3 of 4: Verify your information and click NEXT

    Proctor Reg 004

    Step 4 of 4: Registration complete and a confirmation email will be sent.

    Proctor Reg 005

    Note: If you completed your registration without being verified, the account will be in a pending status until we are able to contact your supervisor to validate your account.

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