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NCHSE: National Health Science Standards Review

The National Health Science Standards (NHSS) provide a clear and consistent understanding of industry and postsecondary expectations for health science teachers and students.

Download a copy of the Review Instructions HERE

With the increasing demand for healthcare workers industry leaders and educators are vital in the mission to ensure that students are provided a consistent and rigorous foundation in health science education programs.

The National Health Science Standards (NHSS) provide a clear and thorough understanding of industry and postsecondary expectations for health science teachers and students. Established in 1992 in partnership with a grant with the U.S. Department of Education, these standards are designed to provide the essential knowledge common across health professions to prepare and increase the number of students that are college and career ready. 

Are We Aligned?

This standards review project is a connection between industry leaders and educators and provides a way for industry to rate the importance of the knowledge and skills contained in courses offered for a particular industry and skill level. This project gives industry a voice and influence in education. Educators can also better know what industry leaders need and incorporate those items into the classroom.

View the National Health Science Standards (NHSS)

Review the Standards and submit your feedback

As a Subject Matter Expert or Industry Partner this is your opportunity to be a point of influence for the curriculum content for health science classrooms. Your review and feedback is essential in assuring these standards are comprehensive. The average time commitment to complete the review of the eleven standards is 45 minutes to an hour. 

To begin Rating:

  1. Click on a Standard set link below.
  2. Complete section 1 with your contact information and credentials.
  3. Read through the Standard, Objectives, and Indicators and provide your feedback.
    1. Complete as Written (you believe the standard is complete and correct)
    2. Complete with Corrections (you believe the standard is correct, but needs to be re-worked)
    3. Remove from Standards (you believe the standard is incorrect and needs to be removed from the National Health Science Standards document)
  4. Please note: If you select that the standard is “Complete with Corrections” or “Remove from Standards” you MUST provide an explanation in the comment box at the end of the section by typing the appropriate sub-standard and letter, (if applicable).

Standard 1 - Academic Foundation

Standard 2 - Communications

Standard 3 - Systems

Standard 4 - Employability Skills

Standard 5 - Legal Responsibilities

Standard 6 - Ethics

Standard 7 - Safety Practices

Standard 8 - Teamwork

Standard 9 - Health Maintenance Practices

Standard 10 - Technical Skills

Standard 11 - Information Technology in Healthcare


Thank you for your detailed review of the eleven National Health Science Standards (NHSS) 


Please contact us with additional questions or comments.
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