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NCHSE: NHSC - Frequently Asked Questions

This article discusses a large variety of commonly asked questions regarding the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) and their National Health Science Certificate (NHSC) powered through Precision Exams by YouScience.

What is the NCHSE Health Science Certificate?

Is there a sample exam?

Is there a pre- (benchmark) and post-assessment available?

  • Yes* YouScience provides a standard report that measures student growth between the Pre and Post NHSC exams.
    *Must adhere to local and state regulations

Who can proctor the exam? (Updated August 2020)

  • The National Health Science Certificate exams may now be proctored by the health science teacher/instructor as authorized by each state’s designated health science education authority.
    • This update allows teachers/instructors access to valuable assessment data that can aid in reporting and funding that promotes program and student growth.
  • NCHSE Proctor Agreement

What is the cost of the assessment per student?

  • $12.00 per certificate for NCHSE member states
  • $15.00 per certificate for NCHSE non-member states

How often is the assessment reviewed?

  • It is reviewed annually.

What is the NHSC pass score?

  • The passing score for the National Health Science Certificate is currently 70 percent. However, the life-cycle for each assessment differs depending upon several factors including the number of assessment forms, exam volume, exposure, and item rotations. For these and other reasons, passing scores are subject to change without notice.

How is the exam scored?

  • The total possible points for the NHSC is 110 points.
  • The passing percentage is 70%. Therefore the students must answer 77 of the 110 points correctly.

NHSA 2019 Passing

Is the exam timed?

  • The exam is not constructed as a timed exam. For administration reasons, the exam is set to time out after 90 minutes. Over 98 percent of candidates finish within the allotted time. Time accommodations are made for students with a documented IEP or 504.

What if a student needs more time to finish the exam?

    • All exams are on a 90-minute timer. If a student cannot finish the exam and needs more time, please call YouScience Customer Support (385-255-7850), and we can add more time to the student’s timer. However, students must finish the exam in one sitting. They are not allowed to leave the exam and re‐enter it at a later date. We do make accommodations for students with an IEP or 504, they may have as much time as needed and can take the exam over multiple days if necessary.

    What is the policy on “retakes”?

    • Students are allowed to retake the post-assessment as needed and will be charged at the same fee as the initial assessment. The policy for assessment retakes is determined by each state and not by NCHSE.

    Are students allowed to use a calculator during the assessment?

    • Students may use calculators that are provided by the proctor administering the assessment. Students are not to use personal calculators or cell phones.

      Additional information may be found by reviewing the article: National Health Science Certificate (NHSC) - Getting Started & Exam Troubleshooting

      Contact our Support Team at 385-255-7850 or help@healthscienceconsortium.org

      For additional questions or assistance, contact YouScience Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356