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NHSC - Getting Started & Exam Troubleshooting

This article covers simple steps for getting started, using and troubleshooting the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) and the National Health Science Certificate (NHSC) powered by Precision Exams.


Where do proctors or students log in to the exam?

      What if a proctor cannot log in?

      • Ensure that the proctor has registered. If you have already registered with Precision Exams in your state, contact support to assist you with your NCHSE proctor registration.
      • If you are a new proctor, go to, click the
        "Proctor Registration" tab, and then follow the four registration steps.
      • Refer to the How do I Register to be a Proctor? Precision Exams article.

      How do I create or get my exam codes?

      • Once you have completed the purchasing process you will be able to log in and generate your own exam codes. Follow these simple steps: How do I create an Exam Code?

          What if a student cannot log in?

          What if the exam doesn’t launch after the student enters their student ID, district, and exam code?

          • Assure that the student has already registered or has previously taken an exam using the Precision Exams platform.
            • Are they using the same student ID that they registered with?
            • Did they select the correct district with whom they are registered?
            • Was the exam code entered properly? Exam codes are alphanumeric (i.e., they contain both letters and numbers), and eight characters in length.
            • For additional assistance, contact our Customer Support Team immediately.

          What if the student is “connected” to the exam, but the exam doesn’t launch?

          • The proctor has not “authorized” the exam. From the proctor screen, select the student,
            then “authorize” the exam. The “Authorized,” and “Exam Ready” checks will update on the student screen. The student can then click "Begin Exam".
          • Refer to the How do I Proctor an Exam? article.

          What if the Internet connection is lost during the exam?

          • Once the internet connection is re‐established, ask the student to log back in and re‐launch the exam using the same exam code. The student's answers should be saved, allowing them to resume where he/she left off before the internet connection was lost.
          • For additional assistance, contact our Customer support immediately.

                What if the graphics aren’t loading on the exam?

                • Check the firewall settings to make sure you are allowing the sites listed above. If the sites
                  are allowed please follow the instructions below.
                  • Ctrl-R to refresh the page. Previously answered questions will be saved and no data will be lost.
                  • Ctrl-Shift-Delete to clear browsing data; cookies and other site data, cached images and files from All Time
                • For additional assistance, contact our Customer Support team immediately.

                How much time does NCHSE/Precision Exams recommend scheduling for certificate registration prior to the actual exam date?

                • Precision Exams and NCHSE recommend getting students registered at least 24-48 hours prior to the actual exam date.  However, last minute student registrations can also be performed by the proctor or student, by clicking on the “Register” button located on the student login screen.

                Is it possible to administer the certificate over a series of days rather than one class session?

                • It is important to ensure that the certification exam experience is consistent for all students throughout the country. Therefore the certification exams must be initiated and completed during one class session.
                • We do make accommodations for students with an IEP or 504, they may have as much time as needed and can take the exam over multiple days if necessary.
                • The certification exam can be scheduled over a series of days allowing different cohorts of students to sit for the exam.

                What if I have a student with an IEP or 504?

                • We can make the following accommodations for students with IEP or 504’s ‐
                    • Add more time to their exam
                    • Pause and re‐authorize to take the exam over multiple days
                    • Turn off item randomization to read to a group of students

                Please call Precision Exams Customer Support (800‐470‐1215) after the student is logged
                into the exam code and before you authorize the student, and we can make these

                Additional information may be found by reviewing the article: National Health Science Certificate (NHSC) - Frequently Asked Questions


                For additional questions and assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team at (385) 255-7850 or