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NHSC - State Level Admin Reporting

The following provides state-level administrators information on how to access the assessment data for the National Health Science Assessment.

Please note that certificate data specific to National Health Science Standards is only available to NCHSE members.  An additional fee for this data will be charged to non-members.  Please contact NCHSE for additional information:


There are a variety of reports that you may choose to access. See descriptions below to identify which report may be best for you.

  • NCHSE Assessment Standards Report - This report allows you the option to review and compare all districts, schools, proctors and even individual students in one glance. The report provides a breakdown to the number of students tested, certified, passing percentage, as well as assessment averages per standard.
  • NCHSE Proctor Standards Report - One of our most popular reports, the Proctor Standard Report, provides a detailed breakdown of any exam by student and standard. This report is an excellent choice to review student data on their background knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, and overall comprehension. Proctors/Teachers will be able to identify which standards may need additional coverage and how to address individual students needs. It is a great way to analyze time management with your teaching of the standards. Proctors can also see a snapshot of the exam blueprint with the number of questions and points per standard.
  • NCHSE Summary Suite Report - Another popular report is the Summary Suite Report. Sometimes referred to as the "Student Growth Measurement." This report will provide a breakdown of each of your classes exam performance. Use the "More" and "Less" details option to view by exams and students. When the report parameters are set to show Pre/Post exams, the final column of the report will show a "Change" percentage or the difference (+/-) between the pre-assessment and post-assessment.

Logging in to access reports:


  1. Within the red box on the left, select “Admin Login
  2. Enter your Admin ID, Password, and State.
  3. Click “LOGIN

State & District Level Reports:

  1. Click the Reports tab within the top blue bar of your Admin page.
  2. In the "Organization Reports" section, click View to the right of the report title that you would like to review.
  3. Each report does require you to complete a couple of data points as you narrow down the report criteria.

Important – the system automatically defaults the date range for all reports to the current school year after July 1st.  To pull reports for the last school year, be sure to change the date range.

State Report 002

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