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Performance Requirements

Not all states require the completions and recording of Performance Standards. If you are a proctor in a state that requires this please follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • Go to your state landing page: www.precisionexams.com/login or www.precisionexams.com/statename (i.e. www.precisionexams.com/california)
  • Click Proctor Login
How do I print Certificates 001
  • Log in, and you will be directed to your Exam List tab. Then, click Proctor to the right of the appropriate test code you gave to the students to login to the test.
How do I print Certificates 002
  • You can pre-select the performance requirements and mark them as "Y" (yes) prior to your students taking the exam if you would like. Before you "Authorize" your students, choose "Select All" and under the "Performance Req." drop down select "Yes."
    *Students must be in "Waiting Authorization" status to change this prior to the exam.
Performance Req. 001

If you choose to set the Performance Requirements status after your students have completed the exam.

  • Once the students have finished the exam, our system requires 10-15 minutes to generate their reports. While they are in this state it will have a gray clock in the "Reports" column.
Performance Req. 002-2
  • If you attempt to change the Performance Requirements while in this state you will receive the following pop-up error.
Performance Req. 003-2
  • Simply click "ok" and you can refresh your screen until you see that your students have the green check mark in the "Reports" column. Once you see the green check mark you can click "Select All" and then use the "Performance Req." drop down once again and select "Yes."
Performance Req. 004-2
  • Your Screen will automatically refresh and you will see the Performance Requirement status change to "Y" and if your students have passed the exam you will now see their "Cert." status change from gray to green.
Performance Req. 005-1
  • You will now be able to print certificates for those students that have fulfilled both the Performance Requirements and passed the Exam.


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