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Post-it Activity- Building Self-Efficacy and Self Worth

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Objective: To encourage students to focus on their natural strengths so they can memorize, take pride in, and internalize what will make each of them a valuable member of the workforce. 

Materials Needed: Computer, tablet or phone to access YouScience results, Post-it notes (at least 3 per student), and something to write with.

Lesson: Explain to students how important it is for each of them to know and believe in their unique strengths and the value they bring to their community and to society. They should know more about their aptitudes from their YouScience results, so the purpose of this exercise is for students to identify the qualities they are most proud of and commit them to memory. 


Using the one word descriptors and statements from the Describing You section, write down 3 (or more!) of your strengths on your provided post-it notes (1 strength per post-it). Think about the words and phrases that really speak to you and describe the things you do well. 


Ask students to share what they wrote down out loud if they feel comfortable. Encourage students to post these affirmations at home, in their lockers, binders- anywhere they have access to them each day and can be reminded of their value! This will also help students prep for job interviews and college admissions interviews. 


*If possible, write strengths on your own Post-Its for students to use as an example. 


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