Lesson Plans

Post-Secondary Next Steps

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Objective: Students have many options when considering future plans after graduation. They may enroll in two or four-year college, join the military, or go directly into the workforce. Students will use their YouScience results to explore best-fit careers in determining next steps following high school graduation.

Materials Needed: YouScience results, Computer/Tablet, Pen/Pencil

Lesson: In your YouScience results, click on the Careers tab. Explore and save 5 or more careers that interest you. 

  • Sort by Interest Fit (what you love today)
  • Aptitude Fit (what you’d be good at)
  • Overall Fit (sweet spot: good and love)
  • Search for careers you’re curious about


For one of your saved careers, scroll down to the “How You Get There” section. What is the minimum post-secondary education or training required?


What are the best majors or career programs for this career?


By clicking on the state in which you hope to live, what is the expected growth rate of this career and the average salary?


Based on the information collected on this career, what steps do you need to take after high school graduation to be employed in this career? (ex. certificate program, two-year degree, four-year degree, military training, direct-entry into workforce)



What are three action steps you can take now to make progress towards your goals? (exp. - Schedule meeting with school counselor to discuss plans, meet with military recruiter, etc)







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