Lesson Plans

Pre and Post Describing You Exercise (HS Lesson)

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Objective: For students to see how much better prepared they are to answer questions about themselves before and after taking YouScience. 

Materials Needed: Paper and pencil

Lesson: Ask students to answer the following prompt before taking YouScience (preferably before they even know anything about it): In a couple of sentences, how would you describe yourself? Let students answer however they want to- there are no right or wrong answers. 


Ask students for a few sample answers and look for patterns. Are students mentioning high grades, athletic ability, or teamwork skills? 

  • Ask all students that wrote down words like “motivated” or “hardworking” or “smart” to raise their hands. Do you see multiple hands in the air? Point out how similarly students are describing themselves! To college recruiters and potential employers, they all look the same. How are they going to differentiate themselves to reach their goals? 
  • Are they describing themselves positively or negatively?  What kinds of words and statements are they using? Ask students to keep their answer somewhere they will be able to find it in a few days/weeks (or collect student answers).


After students take YouScience, conduct the same activity. Ask students to describe themselves in a couple of sentences. Have their descriptions changed since taking YouScience? How? How will this information help them stand out in a college essay or a cover letter? Pass back each student’s previous response to this question, so they can really take a look at how their descriptions of themselves have changed after reading through their results (specifically the Aptitudes and Describing You section). How does having this knowledge about their natural gifts change their perceptions of themselves or their ideas of which careers they can pursue in the future? 


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