Getting Your Client Started

Prepare Your Client

For your client to have the best experience, you will want them to start YouScience excited, energized, and knowing these few things:

  • This is a valuable and unique opportunity to learn all about YOU and your natural gifts. Make the most of it!
  • This is NOT a test. There are no grades, there’s no passing or failing. This is testing how your brain is wired and your natural abilities. The only way to “fail” is to not try your best.
  • Do not cheat. This is not for a grade and you will not be compared to others. This is only for you. You’d only be cheating yourself of an opportunity to learn about you.
  • This will be hard and frustrating at times.
  • Even if you feel like you aren’t doing an exercise very well, you’re still getting really great information about yourself. Pushing up to your limit is where you can learn the most about yourself!
  • The exercises might seem random, but believe it or not, they are measuring really core and important aspects of what makes you, you!
  • Put in your best effort! If you get frustrated, take a quick break if you need, but push through and stay focused. An hour or two of your time now will give you a wealth of incredibly valuable information about yourself that you can use as you move forward into your adult life. Make the most out of this opportunity!




  • Make sure your clients know your expectations for the assessment.
  • For example, do you want them to finish the Entire Assessment (Core Assessment & Both Amplifiers) or the Core Assessment Only? Are they to complete the assessment by a certain time? If so, how many days do they have to complete it.
  • The results are released 12 hours AFTER the Core Assessment has been completed, unless manually set otherwise.
  • Make sure your clients have a paper and pencil available for the Numerical Reasoning & Computation Assessments ONLY.
      • They are allowed to use paper and pencil ONLY during the Numerical Reasoning assessment (which is part of the Core) AND Numerical Computation, which is part of the Practical Amplifiers section.
      • Let your clients know they can log out after any exercise if necessary. They just need to complete the exercise they are in before doing so.




        HOW TO LOG-IN

        Log-In by Activating your YouScience Profile from an Email Invitation:

        • Click the link within your YouScience invitation email
        • Create a password, agree to the Terms of Service, and click Continue

        Log-In by Activating your YouScience Profile with an Activation Code:

        • Navigate directly to
        • Enter your email address and activation code
        • Create your password
        • Agree to Terms of Service and click Continue


        Log-In from a Web Browser:

        • Go to, click LOGIN in the top right corner
        • Or navigate directly to the log-in page:
        • Enter your email address and password to login


        HOW TO LOG-OUT


        Log-Out from your YouScience Account:

        • Make sure you have completed the exercise you are in before logging out
        • Click the “Person” icon in the top right corner and click Log Out


        TROUBLESHOOTING HELP! I Need Someone From YouScience Immediately

        • CHAT WITH US - The EASIEST and QUICKEST way to get to the YouScience Team is through the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of any screen on We are there from 7am – 5pm Central Time Mon-Fri.

        • CALL US at 615-850-1830 from 7am – 5pm Central Time Mon-Fri.


        For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email, or Call 801-653-9356, Toll-Free 800-470-1215