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How do I Print Certificates?

Congratulations! Your students have earned their CTE industry-recognized certification. Your students have worked hard for this achievement – be sure to recognize and celebrate their accomplishment. Make it a big deal!

  1. Go to www.youscience.com/statename (i.e. www.youscience.com/california)
    *National Health Science Assessment, go to www.youscience.com/nchse
  2. Click Proctor Login

3. Enter you Proctor ID and Password

Proctor Login

Under the tab, My Exams > Exam List, identify the class and select the PROCTOR button.

How do I print Certificates 002

To print exam certificates and Student Score Reports:

  1. Select the student(s) who achieved a passing score on the exam (Cert. column has a green ribbon icon)
  2. Ensure that the Reports column also has a green check mark (it may take up to 15 minutes after a student has submitted their exam before the certificates are available. Use the REFRESH button to check availability)
  3. At the top right of your screen, find Print: Select and choose from the drop down options

Print Cert


  • Certificates and Reports will be sent to the download folder that you have associated with your browser. The file type is .PDF
  • Files may be downloaded individually or as a class depending on the selection of a single student or multiple students (see step 1. above)

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: 

  • Certificates are two-sided, be sure to print both sides of the certificate to show the skills and knowledge summary outlined on the back of the certificate
  • Use heavy paper for a nice presentation to the student
  • Print two copies of the certificates and create a “Wall of Fame” to celebrate student success
  • Ask a director, principal, or superintendent to present certificates to students
  • At graduation, place certificates in a nice navy folder and present students with their certificate and a pin and cords to represent their hard work
  • Read and share our article: Resume Tips and Templates for CTE Students
  • Share this video with your students - Cutting to the Chase: How CTE Helps your Future

Cert Video


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