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How do I Proctor an Exam?

We know that testing can be a stressful time for both students and proctors. For that reason, we've developed a process that is simple to follow when proctoring our certification assessments.

Check out our "Proctor Experience Video" or follow the simple step-by-step instructions below.

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  1. Go to your state landing page: www.precisionexams.com/login or www.precisionexams.com/statename (i.e. www.precisionexams.com/california)
  2. Click Proctor Login
Proctor Login


Enter you Proctor ID and Password


Under the tab My Exams, identify the correct Exam Code that you created and provided to the students.

Proctor 001-1
For help on "How to create an Exam Code?" or "How do students register, log in, and take an exams?" - Click the link

To the right of the Exam Code, click the gray PROCTOR button and a new tab will open.

The students will begin to populate as they complete the registration and login process. Use the REFRESH button to update the list.

Proctor 002-1


To authorize the students and begin proctoring the exam:

  1. Select the student(s) you want to authorize to begin the exam (or check the "Select All" box)
  2. Click the green AUTHORIZE button
Proctor 003-1

The students’ screen will update and the BEGIN EXAM button will appear, allowing them to enter the exam.

Proctor 004

Congratulations! You have successfully made it through the proctoring process.


Download our Quick Start Guide


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