Implementation Planning

Profile Checklist for Proctors (2-Day)

Use this checklist to prepare for your YouScience implementation.

To download this checklist, click here

Day Before Implementation

  • Download Introducing YouScience (Activation Codes or Emails) PowerPoint onto your computer and review
  • Gather pens/pencils and paper (students need it for the Numerical Reasoning assessment)
  • Confirm computers available to students during assessment


Day 1 of Implementation (46 minutes)

  • Show Introducing YouScience (Activation Codes or Emails) PowerPoint10 minutes
  • Make sure each student has a piece of paper & pen/pencil
  • Students login at and complete the following brain games:
    • Visual Comparison Speed – 5 minutes
    • Numerical Reasoning – 15 minutes (can use paper and pencil)
    • Spatial Visualization – 7 minutes
    • Inductive Reasoning – 9 minutes


Day 2 of Implementation (51 minutes)

  • Students login at and complete the following brain games:
    • Sequential Reasoning – 11 minutes
    • Idea Generation – 5 minutes (must use entire 5 minutes)
    • Work Approach – 4 minutes
    • Timeframe Orientation – 12 minutes
    • Vocabulary – 8 minutes
    • Interpersonal Style – 4 minutes
    • Interest Profiles – 7 minutes
  • If students finish the CORE assessment with time remaining in class, they may begin the Amplifier exercises, so they are not distracting their neighbors.



  • There is a chat tool available to students if they have questions about YouScience
  • Give 10- and 5- minute warnings and tell your students not to begin a new exercise if it will take longer than the amount of time they have left.
  • Plan a Results Walkthrough with your students using any of the resources found in the Knowledge Base. Results take 12 hours to generate.



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