Remote Learning

NEW Remote Proctoring Solution

Precision Exams by YouScience has partnered with a secure online remote proctoring company to seamlessly incorporate exam integrity tools within the Precision Exams platform.

This remote proctoring solution is now available when being physically co-located is not feasible. The cost is $500 for a site license add-on, or $4 per individual exam.

Remote proctoring is now easier and more secure than ever!

Earning an industry-recognized certification remotely is now just as easy as having your students live in your classroom. With our newly released remote proctoring service, students can easily connect to the exam platform through our remote proctoring provider.

  • No need to schedule!  You pick the date and time that works best for you and your class.
  • No wait times!  Teachers will be able to authorize their students and monitor their progress once they are logged in to the remote proctoring and exam platforms.
  • More secure and less invasive!  Remote proctoring keeps your certification exams experience secure, preserving validity, without one-to-one interactions
  • And...
    • Access to our entire exam library
    • No downloads or installs needed
    • 100% online 

    If your School / District hasn't already signed up for Remote Proctoring - Click Here to Get Started

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