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How to Run a "Details Report"

View specific details about the students who have registered and taken an exam (i.e. Student Name, Student ID, Exam Code, Score, Percentage, Pass, Time Spent, and Date of Exam, etc.) .

One of the most common uses for a "Details Report" is after a pre-assessment, just prior to the post-assessment. It serves as a reminder of which student took the pre-assessment and the student ID number that was used during registration. 

How do I run a Details Report?

  1. Click the Reports tab
  2. In the "State Reports" section, click View to the right of the Details Report
001 Details Report

Select your data parameters:

Your information should automatically populate. However, you do have the ability to customize the following data parameters:

002 Details Report

Within the Details report you will be able to:

  • Identify the Student ID used by those who have taken an exam, to assure that the students are using the same student ID for the pre-assessment and post-assessment.
  • Review the students Score out of the total points possible for the exam.
  • Determine the Percentage of correct responses and a Y/N Pass indicator for students who met the exam cut score.
  • Identify the Date that the student completed the exam and the Time Spent.
Sample Details Report


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