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Reports: How do I Run Reports and Analyze the Exam Data?

We have several different reports to assist you in identifying the data that will most benefit you and your students.

Which type of report is best for me?

Here is a list of our top State Report options:

Details Report - The Details Report provides the proctor with specific details about the students who have registered and taken an exam. These fields include: Student Name, Student ID, Exam Code, Score, Percentage, Pass, Time Spent, and Date of Exam. One of the most common uses for this report is after a pre-assessment, just prior to the post-assessment. It serves as a reminder of which students took the pre-assessment and the student ID # that was used during registration. Show me how to run a "Details Report"

Sample Details Report

Proctor Standard Report - One of our most popular reports, the Proctor Standard Report, provides a detailed breakdown of any exam by student and standard. This report is an excellent choice to review students data on their background knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, and overall comprehension. Proctors will be able to identify which standards may need additional coverage and how to address individual student's needs. It is a great way to analyze time management with your teaching of the standards. Proctors can also see a snapshot of the exam blueprint with the number of questions and points per standard. Show me how to run a "Proctor Standard Report"

Sample Proctor Standards Report

Summary Suite Report - Another popular report is the Summary Suite Report. Sometimes referred to as the "Student Growth Measurement," this report will provide a breakdown of each of your classes' exam performance. Use the "More" and "Less" details option to view by exams and students. When the report parameters are set to show pre/post-assessments, the final column of the report will show a "change" percentage or the difference (+/-) between the pre-assessment and post-assessment. Show me how to run a "Summary Suite Report"

Sample Summary Suite Report

003 Summary Suite Report PrePost Growth - Sample

Student Score Report - Similar to the Proctor Standards Report, the Student Score Report is an individual report that can be generated and shared with your students. The proctor can download a .pdf file and share this report with the student. Show me how to run a "Student Score Report"

Sample Student Score Report

What is the difference between State and Organization Reports?

The State Reports section at the top of your reports tab will contain all of your CTE exam reports. For those offering the National Health Science Assessment (NHSA), use the Org Reports at the bottom of the tab.

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