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How to Run a "Proctor Standard Report"

As one of our most popular reports, it provides a detailed breakdown of any exam by student and standard. This report is an excellent choice to review student data regarding background knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, and overall comprehension.

How do I run a Proctor Standard Report?

  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. In the State Reports section, click View to the right of the Proctor Standard Report
001 Proctor Standards Report

Select your data parameters:

Your information should automatically populate. However, you do have the ability to customize the following data parameters:

002 Proctor Standards Report

With the Proctor Standard report you will be able to:

  • Review a pre-assessment to gather a baseline of student knowledge.
  • Review a mid-term/benchmark assessment to see how students/class is pacing.
  • Use as a professional development tool to help refine best practices and teaching strategies by standard.
  • Analyze time management with your teaching of the standards.
  • Proctors/teachers will be able to identify which standards may need additional coverage and how to address individual student's needs.
  • Have a snapshot of the exam blueprint with the number of questions and points per standard.
Sample Proctor Standards Report


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