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How to Run a "Summary Suite Report"

Often referred to as the "Student Growth Measurement" this report provides a breakdown of the exam and students' performance at various levels of detail.

How do I run a Summary Suite Report?

  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. In the State Reports section, click View to the right of the Summary Suite Report

001 Summary Suite Report

Select your data parameters:

Your information should automatically populate. However, you do have the ability to customize the following data parameters:

002 Summary Suite Report

Within the Summary Suite report you will be able to:

  • Export the report as a .xls or .pdf file
  • Click More Details or Less Details in the upper-right-hand corner to expand what information is shown.
  • With the Test Type set to pre/post the last column of the report will give the change or difference in exam scores between the students' pre-assessment and their post-assessment.

Sample Summary Suite Report

003 Summary Suite Report PrePost Growth - Sample


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