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Resume Language

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Objective: To begin developing language for a resume by identifying and listing examples of when students have used their natural abilities in school, extra-curricular activities, or part-time jobs. 

Materials Needed: YouScience results, Computer/Tablet, Pen/Pencil

Lesson: Creating a resume when you're a high school student with limited experience can feel overwhelming. Even if you are creating your first resume, you probably have more information to include than you think. Experiences like lawn mowing, pet sitting, performing in school productions, or volunteering are all meaningful. Your YouScience results will help you showcase your natural abilities using activities that you have already done.


Go to the Describing You section of your YouScience results. Under the Terms that Describe You, choose three terms and list an example of how you have shown that in school, work, or in extra-curricular activities.


Example: Numerical Code Breaker - I enjoy playing Sudoku in my free time because I am good at determining how the numbers fit together.








Next, read through each of the statements included in the Aptitude section. Choose three statements from everything that is included that describe you well. Write down the statement with an example of when you have shown this in either school, work, or extra-curricular activities.


Example: Work Approach - I am a born researcher, consultant, or advocate for a cause. For example, I worked with our school leadership to advocate for 10% of the sales from the school store to go toward creating a food pantry to support school families in need.







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