Implementation Planning

Snapshot Checklist for Georgia Ambassadors

To download this checklist, click here


  • Complete YouScience Readiness Form at (will be sent training video and access to school account based on the form)
  • Take YouScience Snapshot
  • Invite involved faculty and staff to complete YouScience Snapshot at
  • View the 20-minute implementation training video
  • Ensure students taking Snapshot have valid email addresses
  • Secure locations for the following (need computer access):
    • Taking Snapshot, 1 hour
    • Results Walk-Through, 20 minutes
  • Accept invitation from The YouScience Team to have access to your school’s account (can then log in through Counselor Companion)
  • Review YouScience Knowledge Base (Georgia Public Middle Schools)
  • Submit Technical Requirements Checklist to your school’s IT Department
  • Ensure the Chat feature (blue bubble in lower right corner of the screen) is functional on a computer with the same security and privacy setting as the student/user. 
  • Train additional faculty/staff to help with the YouScience implementation
  • Students complete YouScience Snapshot assessment
  • Complete student walk-through of YouScience Snapshot results
  • Schedule Debrief Call with YouScience account manager post-implementation



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