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Snapshot Student Worksheet

Use this worksheet to guide students through their YouScience Snapshot results.


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  • Explore your aptitudes in detail- what are your greatest strengths?

YOUR APTITUDES are the natural abilities or talents that predict how successful and happy you’ll be doing a particular type of work, either in a job, in class, or elsewhere. Choose one of your aptitude badges (at the top of the screen) to investigate. Identify 1-2 ways you see yourself using these aptitudes in your daily school work or in an extracurricular activity (like a sports team, band, club, etc.)


Name of Aptitude: 


What does this aptitude say about you? (hint: look at the aptitude description in the box below “Explore More of Your Talents”)

Example(s) of a time when you used this aptitude at school: 

TOP INTEREST AREAS: Identify the types of work you think would be fun or enjoyable. Scroll down to Your Top Three Types of Work that Interest You to view your three highest interest areas.


#1 Interest Area (on the far left):

What is an example of an activity you’re currently involved in or a career you are interested in that revolves around this interest area?



  • Explore your top fit career cluster matches (the largest hexagons ⬡ at the top of the screen)
  • Write down 3 career clusters you want to explore further
      • Sort by Interest Fit (what you love today)
      • Sort by Aptitude Fit (what you’d be good at)



From one of the 3 clusters you listed, what is a career field that interests you that you hadn’t heard of or considered before?

Why are you interested or excited about this career field? 

Are there any specific careers within this field that you are really drawn to? Why?


Final Thoughts: 

List 3 words or phrases you’d use to describe your greatest strengths (from your Aptitude results)


How do you think knowing this information will help you when choosing classes for high school?



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