Certifications - FAQs

How do I Know My Student's ID Number?

The student ID is given to the students by the school/district. The student ID number should be unique to each student. It should be something he/she uses often and can easily be remembered. Students should keep the same ID through out their years in order to avoid having duplicate accounts. The student ID can be alphanumeric but should not include an @ sign. Therefore, a student can't use an email as a student ID. The student may use everything leading up to the @ sign as their student ID without including the @ sign.

If a student has registered with Precision Exams before but does not remember their student ID, please do not have them create a duplicate account. You can call our Customer Support Team and they can help locate the student's ID for you. 

For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356, Toll-Free 800-470-1215