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Exam Registration - Two Simple Ways to Register Your Students

Where are my students? Why are they not showing up in my exam list?


Student Import 001

You’ve created an exam code, but you can't see your students.

  • Don’t worry, your student information will appear once they've signed in using your unique exam code.

Do my students need to pre-register?

  • We provide you with two simple solutions for student registration: self-register or import your student data.
Individual Student Registration
Student Data Import

Individual Student Registration

This is a quick and simple way for each of your students to self-register in 30 seconds or less.

How do Students Register, Log in, and Take an Exam? - The Student Experience Video

    Student Data Import

    You can export a file (.csv, .xlsx) with your District, Student ID#, First Name, and Last Name.

    Student Import 002

    Click to Download a Student Import Template.

    Once we've received your import it may take 24-48 hours for student data to become available.

    When the import process is complete, your students will be able to log in using their student ID, selecting the district, entering your unique exam code, and clicking “Begin Exam." The students will appear on your proctor screen waiting to be authorized by you.

    Please be aware when we bulk import student information, Excel will automatically exclude any leading zeros. In other words, any student ID that includes leading zeros (i.e. 00012345) will be automatically imported without those leading zeros (i.e. 12345).

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