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In 2019, Precision Exams updated the Utah USBE user experience. While this has brought many benefits to certification in Utah, teachers and administrators will need to use the Historical Data option to access reports from 2018 or earlier.

Accessing Historical Data (2017-18 school year and older) 

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, all Utah Career Skills Exams are being delivered in a new system provided by Precision Exams. This new system provides many advantages over the old while retaining a familiar experience for teachers and students. Precision Exams is dedicated to ensuring that smooth exam delivery for both teacher and student, as well as system uptime, are our top priorities. In order to access data from the 2017-18 school year and older, please follow the information below.

Historical data can be accessed through your current Proctor or Admin login. For additional help accessing these certificates (2015 – present) and reports (2018 – present) reference the following articles or contact Customer Support, 801-653-9356.

For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356