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UTAH - Reporting Third-Party Industry Exams

Step-by-step instructions for importing a list of students to a Third-Party Industry Exam

Go to: www.youscience.com/utah and select "Proctor Login"

Once logged in, navigate to "My Exams" > "Industry Exam List" tabs.

If you have not already created a class, click "ADD EXAM" and follow the prompts. If you have, click "VIEW"next to the Industry Exam you want to import students into.

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 002-1

In the class is where your list of students will need to be uploaded.

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 003


  • Click "Add Student"
  • You will see two options: "Add Multiple Students" or "Add Single Student". Make your selection and then click "Next"


You are now presented with the Add Student to an Industry Exam screen. Here you can download an import template and see a sample of how the template should be completed. The student import list must be uploaded in a Comma Separated Values format, or .CSV. Programs such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office and others can edit and create this type of file.

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 004

Once you have the template file downloaded and opened on your computer, you can begin to edit the file by either typing the information, or by copying and pasting the information from another source. See Sample Image

The fields listed are as follows:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Pass (Enter a capital "Y" or a capital "N")
  4. Date of Birth (Format of MM/DD/YYYY)
  5. Gender (Either a capital "M" or a capital "F")
  6. Student ID
  7. Current Class Level (Acceptable responses are; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 006

NOTE: It is important that you complete each of the columns correctly and avoid adding any extra spaces, dashes, underscores, specialty characters, pronunciation marks, etc.

Once you have entered all of the student(s) data, be sure to save this file as a .CSV.

How to Import your student list

Login as a Proctor and navigate to "My Exams" > "Industry Exam List" tabs, identify the class and click "View".

  1. Click "Choose File" to locate the .CSV file on your computer and click "Open"
  2. Click "Upload CSV File"
  3. If the file was uploaded successfully, you will see that message displayed. If there was a problem detected with the file, there will be an error message displayed. (The Error message with tell you what row of the file it had a problem with.)
  4. Once the message says that the file was uploaded successfully, click "Next"

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 007

You will now see a list of all the students that were in your uploaded file. This is simply a check for you to see if the correct file was uploaded. If you want to make changes to the file your uploaded, click "BACK". If the data is accurate, click "AUTHENTICATE STUDENTS"

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 008-1

All students on the list will attempt authentication.

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 009


For review, authentication is where we take the FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, DATE_OF_BIRTH and GENDER and send this information to the USBE for verification. This process may take some time depending on how may records you have uploaded.

Once authentication is complete, a screen will appear showing you the results. Any students who authenticated successfully will show a green check mark and ones that did not will show a pink circle with and UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 010 in it.

You have the option of editing the records that have the UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 010 on them by clicking on the pencil icon (Right side of page). You can edit some of the details on the record in an attempt to get that record to authenticate. Remember that the only data that is used for authentication is FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, DATE_OF_BIRTH and GENDER
You can also delete the record from the import altogether, by clicking on the delete icon.

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 014

When you are finished editing and authenticating your students, click "ADD STUDENTS".

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 012


It is not required to get every single student to authenticate before adding them to the Industry Exam. You will receive a warning if you have any students that are not authenticated.

Once the students are added, they will show up on the "Industry Exam" > "Industry Students" screen as if you had added them one at a time.

UTAH - Recording Industry Exams 013


For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356