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UTAH - Proctor Agreement (2020-21)



An electronic signature must be submitted in order to administer CTE Skill Certificate assessments.  This process must be completed annually (each school year).


State CTE assessments allow students to demonstrate what they know and can do. Valid and reliable results from state CTE assessments provide information to recognize excellence, identify need for additional resources or reallocation of educational resources in a manner to ensure educational opportunities for all students, and improve existing programs.  (Utah Code 53E-4-301.5; 53F-2-311)

Educators are obliged to provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills fairly and accurately. Educators involved with state CTE assessments must conduct testing in a fair and ethical manner (Utah State Board R277-515-4(A-D)).

State assessments are defined as assessments that are federally mandated, state mandated, and/or require the use of a state assessment system or software that is provided or paid for by the state (Utah Code 53G-6-803.9a).


All CTE assessment content is treated as proprietary and strictly confidential information. Access to such material is restricted to those individuals including CTE teachers who are authorized by their LEA (local education agency) to proctor CTE exams.

Individuals with access to assessment content are responsible for taking reasonable precautions to safeguard all testing material. This includes monitoring and proctoring through the entire administration process.

Testing violations will be reported to the supervisor of the person who may be investigated, the school administrator, the LEA CTE director, and/or the USBE CTE department.


  • Only registered CTE instructors or other approved test administrators are permitted to administer CTE assessments.
  • Students are required to leave preparation materials and electronic devices outside of the testing area. Some materials may be allowed, and each assessment has an accepted protocol.
  • Only students enrolled in an official approved CTE class, grades 9-12, may take state CTE skill tests. Seventh or eighth-grade students may NOT take the state CTE assessments.
  • Students may NOT access any unauthorized computer programs or browsers before, during, or after the testing session.
  • Teachers or an official proctor shall at all times be physically present with and have the ability to view all students taking an assessment. Active proctoring should take place through the test session.
  • No assistance may be provided to students regarding any exam content.
  • Students shall NOT supervise other students in any aspect of the testing process.
  • Talking is not permitted during the assessment.
  • Teachers must immediately suspend an assessment if cheating is observed.
  • If a student needs more time to complete an exam, teachers must call Precision Exams at the same time a student is taking an assessment and request additional time.
  • Students may NOT begin an exam, leave the secured testing site, and then return to finish the exam at a later time or date.
  • Students can take an exam ONLY once during the semester in which the student is enrolled. If a certificate is not achieved, students must officially re-enroll in the course the following semester in order to re-take the assessment.
  • Teachers MAY NOT examine, view, copy, reproduce, record, display, duplicate, or distribute any assessment in any manner whatsoever, or allow anyone else to do the same.
  • The LEA must provide testing accommodations as formally specified in a student’s official IEP,  504, and/or EL and are consistent with those provided during instruction.


  1. Provide instruction aligned to the current CTE course standards and objectives along with the required performance skills.
  2. Provide students with opportunities to demonstrate each performance skill for the course. All performance skills must be completed by the student at or above 80% AND the online test must be passed at or above 80% before teacher can issue a CTE Skill Certificate.
  3. Sign and return the required performance documentation form to the Test Coordinator at the end of the trimester/semester. A performance documentation review will be conducted at the end of each school year to ensure compliance.
  4. Login and test using the secure Web site (http://www.precisionexams.com/utah/); no other forms of electronic submission are acceptable.
  5. Establish an appropriate environment set for testing to limit distractions.
  6. Remove any/all incomplete electronic tests from the computer by closing the Web browser.

I certify that I have read and understand the policies and procedures described in this document. I understand that I am responsible for administering CTE assessments in an appropriate and ethical manner. I understand that failure to conduct testing in an ethical manner places me in jeopardy of losing my employment and/or my Utah teaching license. Any violation of these policies or procedures will be considered a breach of professional ethics and may be referred to the Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission.