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UTAH - Student Login: Common Errors

Common errors you may come across throughout the Utah student login process that are easy to overcome.

Need help with Student Login? Visit: UTAH - Student Login: Process

UTAH - Student Login: Common Errors

Unable to authenticate your information

*NOTE: Student authentication is determined by an identical match of the following student information to the USBE Student Information System (SIS):

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender

The student information available in your district system of record may not always be the same as the information provided to YouScience by the USBE SIS.

The following steps may be necessary:


  • Students may select EDIT INFORMATION to go back and edit the information they entered incorrectly.


  • If the information is correct, the Proctor may override the authentication process by selecting PROCTOR OVERRIDE, entering their CACTUS ID and clicking PROCTOR OVERRIDE
UTAH - Student Login 005

If you are unable to override the student login using your CACTUS ID or if you get the following error:

Your Student ID is already registered. Please don't register again. Ask your teacher for assistance.

Please contact our Customer Support Team @ 801-653-9356 for immediate assistance with student authentication.

UTAH - Student Login 006

Exam Code does not exist

UTAH - Student Login 003
    • If a student incorrectly enters the exam code, they will receive the error "Exam Code does not exist". Verify that they are using the correct exam code that was issued to the proctor when they created the exam.

Duplicate Student Records Found

If the data entered by the student is found to be linked to more than one SSID in the USBE system, the Proctor will need to validate the student data and select the correct student record. The following data is used to locate a matching student record at the USOE.

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender

If there are multiple record matches, the student will be presented with the following screen. If they see they have entered in something incorrectly, they can click Cancel and re-enter his/her student data. If the data they have entered is correct, they will need to get assistance from a Proctor.

Internal FAQ 017

After clicking on Proctor Assistance the following screen will be presented. This screen will show the corresponding District IDs and Student IDs of all of the students who were found to be a match.

*Note: Please keep in mind that this screen will only appear if there are duplicate records in the USBE system with the same FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and GENDER but having different SSID's. It is unlikely that you will encounter this situation, and in our testing, when this appears, the records actually belong to the same student, but have just been entered into the USBE system more than once with a different SSID each time.

Internal FAQ 018

Select the student record that matches the student in your classroom, enter your Cactus ID, and click Continue. The student will then be able to begin taking the exam.

For additional questions or assistance, contact our Customer Support Team via Chat, Email support@youscience.com, or Call 801-653-9356