Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Aptitudes and Interests?

You may be very interested in being an orthodontist, but don’t have strong spatial visualization which could limit your ability to do it with ease as a career. Conversely, you may have the natural abilities to pursue a career as an aeronautical engineer, but have absolutely no interest. Interests are highly dependent upon our exposure and worldview, thus they change over time and with life experience. For this reason, interest surveys are a very limited tool for making long-range career plans.

As a part of the YouScience assessment, we include an interest profiler. This is used to understand the individuals’ present understanding and thinking about his or her future. Because interests are variable over time, and change with an expanding scope of experience, it serves as only one piece of the puzzle. All YouScience users are welcomed to re-take the interest profiler at any time. Just chat in or email us!


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