Reporting Options

What is the Clusters Matching report?

Available to Private and Public High Schools, Post-Secondary Institutions, YSO, and Nonprofits

This Insights tool ranks a given student population against industries to identify those students with the best-fit (both for the individual and for the industry). This report helps to get the right student candidates aligned with industries or internships for which they have the talents.


Can be used to:

  • Match students with local companies for internships, apprenticeships, and job shadow opportunities
  •  Invite local companies with full time job and internship openings to come speak to students with strong fit for those industries
  • Expand your range of program offerings based on your students’ results
  • Plan college visits for students based on internship recommendations and related majors
  • Encourage students to pursue work study opportunities in high fit fields
  • Encourage students to apply for summer academic research opportunities related to best fit internship pathways


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