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What is the Top Talent Report?

Available for Private and Public High Schools, Post-Secondary Institutions, YSOs, and Nonprofits

This report identifies the Top 10 careers (aptitude, interest, and overall fit) across 17 standard industries that fit your students. It shows a summary view of talent by industry, as well as an individual student view. This report helps counselors understand which industry a student’s talents are in, and highlights any misalignment of aptitudes and interests.


Can be used to: 

  • Intentionally guide students at career fairs/match students with employers
  • Advise students as they make post-secondary choices (choosing majors)
  • Identify classes to add to your school’s curriculum based on your students’ untapped aptitudes and interests (using report overview)
  • Guide students to best fit job shadow opportunities
  • Set up employer field trips for students to gain exposure to careers
  • Align the employers and industries you include in your career exploration activities (career fairs, internships, job shadowing…) based on your students’ results
  • Bring in local industries for info sessions with students that are a strong fit for a specific industry/career
  • Implement a senior capstone project where each student explores a career in depth
  • Match students with career mentors based on results


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